Heartfelt Friends

Women's Ministry

  • Women Mentoring Women
  • Fellowship
  • Monthly Friend Group Meetings
  • Sharing Meals Together
  • Bible Study and Spiritual Growth
  • Small, Intimate Groups
  • Connection
  • Prayer
  • Confidentiality
  • Commitment Strongly Suggested
  • All Ages, All Backgrounds, All Welcome
  • Second Monday or Second Thursday Each Month - Your Choice!
  • KICK OFF EVENT—Friday, April 9th Beginning at 6 pm
What is Heartfelt Friends?

Heartfelt Friends is for women of all ages, in all stages of life from 18 to 108! We are moms, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, co-workers - sinners saved by grace - meeting face to face and heart to heart!

Heartfelt Friend Groups encourage women to truly care for one another, to build trusting bonds, and connect beneath a “surface level” relationship with each other while growing their faith and drawing near to God.

Heart Mentors are Christian women who honor God, have life experience and agree to help mentor, guide and influence Christian sisters younger or older in various stages of life while passing on a legacy of faith, fellowship, and love.

Heart Hostesses open their home for a meal and fellowship and work together with Heart Mentors to bless Heart Sisters.

Heart Sisters are “guests of honor” with other younger and older women in the home of Heart Hostesses seeking deep relationship, spiritual growth and connection with others.

Heart Mentors, Heart Hostesses and Heart Sisters commit to be present for a minimum of 9 months at a time, meeting once a month from 6:30-8:30 in the evenings. Each Heartfelt Friend group will include 8 or less women. The KICK OFF CELEBRATION IS FRIDAY EVENING, April 9 beginning at 6 pm, Includes dinner!

How Heartfelt Friends Works

Once a month you will gather around the dinner table with your designated Heartfelt Friends group. After dinner and visiting, the leaders of your group(Mentors/Hostesses) will lead a study based on God’s Word and pray with the group. It is a shared experience as you invest in each other’s lives and in the Lord. The goal is to facilitate relationships, share life experiences and connect with other women of the church and community who we may not encounter regularly in the typical Sunday morning setting or in day to day life. We will laugh, pray, probably cry, and grow spiritually together as we glorify the Lord.

When women of God grow close by creating these spiritually focused friendships, that love and common bond will spread thru the church, their families and the community. Will you join us?

To participate in the Heartfelt Ministries, please complete the below registration by FEBRUARY 28


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