Actual God-Contact

Brian Mashburn

June 6, 2021

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Actual God-Contact

I met Andre the Giant once.

Andre was a mega-huge guy. He used to be a "pro" wrestler, which is where he got the name. Later, he did some acting. He is most famous for his role in an old movie called "The Princess Bride".

So I had seen his image on the big screen, and I had heard information about him (for example, that he had some rare disease that causes a person to never stop growing, and that is why he was so huge). So, I knew a bit about Andre the Giant.

But there is a whole new appreciation for what you know about him when you actually meet him. When you see him with your own eyes, stand next to him, shake his hand, and tilt your head to look up at him. It is just... different.

This summer, we are going to work through the book of 1st John. John is sometimes referred to as the "love apostle" because he makes such a stink about the subject of love. And with this being the year that we have launched our new "Love First" logo and vision statement, it is good to spend some time with him. It is s small book, about 100 verses, but he uses the word "love" around 50 times. John loves, love. He also loves life. And he explains that they, along with light, are deeply connected.

So, John begins his little books by telling us, "I met the World of Life once". He was referring to God, here. Specifically to God the Son, Jesus.

He goes on to explain that there is a difference between knowing "about" Jesus, and actually knowing him. And while he got to hear him, see him, and touch him - "fellowship" with him - while he was here in the flesh, he says that he wants all of you to have this fellowship with him, too.

That is why he is writing this book. So that his readers may have the same actual God-contact with God that he has had.

Perhaps you have spent a lifetime getting to know about God through your study of Jesus.

It is time for you meet him. To fellowship with him. To abide in him. It is just... different. And it will change your life.

Brian Mashburn

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