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Dan Bouchelle

April 18, 2021

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Disciple-Making Locally And Globally

For anyone who is learning to hit in the sports of baseball or softball, one of the earliest instructions that they received was, "Keep your eye on the ball."

It stands to reason, of course. If you are not watching the ball, it is very difficult to connect your bat with it. And without connecting, you will not get a hit. And without getting hits (for the moment, we will ignore that you can get on base because of bad pitching), you will not score.

So, parents and coaches all over the world are telling their little budding sports stars to "Keep your eye on the ball."

Obviously, you need vision to keep your eye on the ball. But just because you have the capacity for vision does not mean you will use it to look at the ball. If you get distracted looking at the eyes of the pitcher, or the hecklers in the outfield, or the fans in the stands, you take your eye off the ball. A hit, which is the point, is unlikely.

Now, what is the equivalent of "the ball" for churches?

In other words, for Christ followers, what are we to be looking for as we journey through life?

I think it is the opportunity to share Jesus with someone who wants to know.

How many of these opportunities come your way? How many come our way as a church family? Where do they come from? How do they come up?

And perhaps most importantly, am I using my vision to keep an eye out for them?

I think the number of opportunities to share Jesus with someone is directly proportional to how faithful you are at keeping an eye out for it. Are you using your vision to watch for them, or are you distracted by something else.

Today, our friend Dan Bouchelle returns to us to check our vision. And also, to update us a bit on the opportunity to share Jesus to refugees around the Med Rim.

For the athlete, every time the baseball or softball is pitched over the plate, it represents an opportunity for the batter to get a hit. So he better be watching for it. For the Christian, every opportunity to share Jesus, whether locally or globally, is our opportunity to contribute to the highest priority of the Christian's life. So we better be watching for it.

Brian Mashburn

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