The Work of Christ in Holy Week

Brian Mashburn

March 28, 2021

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The Work of Christ in Holy Week

One of the questions of Jesus found in scripture was directed at his disciples just a day before his crucifixion.

He asked, "Do you understand what I have done for you?" (John 13:12)

What a great question to ask his disciples. In fact, what a great question for us today.

Jesus did a lot in his life. From his birth, to his life, his death, his resurrection, his ascension, and up to and including his return, every action he took was out of his love for God and love for us.

Do you understand what Christ has done for you?

For those who can honestly answer "yes", it shows up in their life. They live more peacefully, more powerfully, more prayerfully, more purposefully, more joyfully, and full of some sort of sacred confidence that seems to anchor them inwardly no matter what threatens or happens.

For those who honestly answer "no", it shows up in their life, too. They carry a heavier burden, they suffer from worry, they are often constantly frantic or fried (or both), they turn inappropriately to substances or activities or people for relief or for some sense of excitement.

Jesus did a lot of special, great, and needed things for you, but if you only know the events, or work, of his life without understanding what he has done for you in that work, well, then your missing out on receiving the gifts he intended for you to enjoy through that work.

So let's pause and really ask ourselves if we truly understand what Christ has done for us.

Next week, on Easter, we will look at what Christ did for us in the resurrection. The week after, I look forward to sitting with what Christ offers us in his ascension.

But this week, let's slow down and take a walk through the events of Holy Week, and begin to understand what Jesus has done for us there.

If Jesus has done for you what the Bible says he has done for you, then Jesus is the most spectacular thing that has ever happened.

May God open the eyes of our heart to see and understand what he has done for us.

Brian Mashburn

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