Advancing His Mission

Brian Mashburn

February 14, 2021

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Advancing His Mission

I was blessed to attend a weekend retreat last week.

Wow. I did not even realize how much I needed it.

What did I need? I needed some space from my normal routine. I needed some distance from my normal places. I needed to "attend something" where I could "attend to" my heart and soul. I needed a place where I was not a leader, and where I could go a bit inward and upward without distraction or interruption for an extended amount of time, with people who were there to do the same.

I have a rich life. I am so grateful that I am surrounded with people who love me, people to love, and a church that supports me full time to attempt to bring Christ into the world more fully through a church family that is exceptionally willing and good at it.

While I spent this extended time with God, one of the many things I was led to appreciate was our new vision statement.


These are not new ideas for us, but I sure like the new way we are saying it.

We are finishing up a six week series in which I have talked with you about each phrase of this statement for a couple of weeks. Today, I'll finish it up with one last word about the meaning of ADVANCE HIS MISSION.

I must admit, I love, love, LOVE talking about the mission of Jesus. Our mission. The church's mission. It is so clarifying, so orienting, and even refreshing.

But at some point, all of us must say something to the effect of, "I'm done talking".

It's time to ADVANCE. To act. To move. To do. It's time to remember it is HIS. It's not about me. Because I am his. And it is time to be on MISSION.

As we move forward, it is time to not just talk about it, hear about it, and study it. It is time to get in the game. To really connect, really grow, and really... go.

Let's revolve our lives around loving first, becoming like Jesus, and advancing his mission.

Brian Mashburn

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