Holy Spirit

Brian Mashburn

November 1, 2020

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Holy Spirit

After two weeks of "Vision Sundays" where we introduced our new vision statement and logo, we now return to our 2020 Southwest Bible Project, where our scheduled reading plan has us in the New Testament book of Acts.

The book of Acts is where the church happens.

After all of the Old Testament history we have covered, and then after examining the climax of the Bible's story - the life and work of Jesus Christ - we now turn to the beginning of what happened in the wake of Jesus' mission.

The church happened.

Acts is the record of the birth and expansion of the church.

How did happen?

The story of Jesus (the gospel) was shared frequently and far and wide. The first followers (the Apostles) told others who followed who told others who followed who told others. Those people would either go home, or go from their homes, and tell others who would also believe.

It's a fantastic story, and it records the beginning of a trajectory that continues to this day.

And underneath it all, the real power behind it being accomplished, is this mysterious, sometimes neglected figure called... the Holy Spirit.

Our last two weeks of reading included the first twelve chapters of this book of Acts. And in those 12 chapters, the Holy Spirit is overtly mentioned 41 times! What's more, every story, even when He is not mentioned, includes clues of His presence and work.

What are we to do with the Holy Spirit today? What do you do with the Holy Spirit?

Today, I want to suggest that we need more of the Holy Spirit, and I want to give a few truths about him from the book of Acts that will help.

Brian Mashburn

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