No Future Without Forgiveness

Adrian Morgan

September 27, 2020

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There is SO MUCH in Matthew 9-18. Parable after parable. Important teaching after important teaching. Miracle after miracle. It was really hard to settle in on one text to the neglect of the others.

So, I want to use this space to talk about one of the texts that I am not covering this week. And that is Matthew 11:28-30, a timely text for our time.

This week I heard someone say that they are limiting their consumption of news to one hour a day. They said the human heart is not made to consume the 24/7 news cycle. And any attempt will just eat us up and spit us out.

All of this made me think about how much news we consume each day. Most of our normal days look something like this: We watch the morning news shows, or read our morning news, then pay attention to the news throughout the day, on our social media feeds, and radio shows, and podcasts, and then finish off the day with our favorite news show and one last scroll thru social media. That is A LOT of news. A lot more than one hour. And I believe all of that daily intake of news is only causing us to feel weary, burdened, overwhelmed, and tired.

This week - what if you limited your news to one hour a day? And then, what if you matched that intake of news by spending one hour with Jesus? The news is not sovereign. Jesus is.

Try this: Limit your news, increase your time with Jesus, and find rest for you souls.

Adrian Morgan

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