Recovery Connections

Jeromy Hunter

September 6, 2020

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In March of 2018, our leadership was asking a bold question on your behalf at a retreat they were on.

"What's next, God?"

The conclusion that was reached was admittedly generic, but unanimously agreed upon, and embarrassingly on-mission: We were to intentionally figure out a way to overtly share our church family and Christ with people who obviously needed a church family and Christ. So, we knew that, without neglecting any of our own who are already among us, right here, we were to mobilize the Southwest Church of Christ to reach beyond us, beyond here.

After a follow up 40 days of fasting and listening prayer, the leadership met up again to share what they "heard". Everyone had multiple ideas that had come to them, but one people group was on everyone's list, bar none: The Recovery Community of Amarillo.

We began immediately investing in ways to build relationship with this community, but remained unhurried about launching a ministry, opting instead to learn through reading, research, attending AA and NA meetings in town, gleaning wisdom from a church in Atlanta that are 20 years into the same kind of ministry, and more.

After a year and a half, we were ready, and RISE was born. RISE stands simply for Recovery Intersecting Spiritual Experience, named by those in recovery for those in recovery.

It's not the only thing we do, but after all that time and research and prep, our ministry offering was centered on something surprisingly simple: A Sunday morning Bible study that anyone can attend (including you!), but would be intentionally recovery friendly.

Church, untold hundreds of people in recovery, in our city, want a church family, but hesitate not knowing if they are welcome. We have given notice: ANYONE is welcome here. And ESPECIALLY those in recovery, their families, and the professional workers who provide professional services along the Recovery Community's Continuum of Care.

September is National Recovery Month, and today our Minister of Recovery, Jeromy Hunter, is leading us in our annual Recovery Sunday, where we give glory to God for the healing and recovering power of the gospel of Jesus. And we declare to ourselves and the world that we are eager to befriend, love, and journey with the Recovery Community.

If you are a part of the Recovery Community, please… PLEASE... know, you are most welcome.

Brian Mashburn

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