Brian Mashburn

June 14, 2020

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Are you reading along with us through the story of scripture in our 2020 Southwest Bible Project?

We are almost halfway through the year, and what a year this has been. I have heard many say that they can not wait to say goodbye to 2020. Certainly, much has happened to sour life thus far.

But there are good things, too, and for me, one of the things that will mark this year will be this 2020 Bible Project. This simple, doable, video-watching, Bible-reading schedule has changed my life.

It still is. And it is not too late for you join in. If you haven't joined us, why not start this week? If you started strong, but fell off, why not pick it back up? No need to start from the beginning. Just find the schedule at††and join in where we are at.

If your year is sour, this one practice can redeem it in your personal history when you look back on 2020. I am not overstating this. And if you are having a good year, this will elevate it even more.

This last week, our project took us through the Old Testament book of Hosea. What a story. What a message.

Hosea was one of many prophets of God sent to the people of God with a message from God. The people of God had strayed from their singular relationship with God and were worshipping several other gods. Like other prophets, Hosea had a powerful message calling for social, religious, and moral change. But unlike other prophets, God required Hosea to go through a grueling experience that would enable him to speak this message with passion, and zeal, stemming from the empathy he would feel for God.

What did God make Hosea do? That is what we will look at today. For now, prepare yourself to grapple with just how deep our sin penetrates the heart of God. Likewise, once you do that, prepare to be amazed at just how large Godís love is for you.

That is the book of Hosea.

Brian Mashburn

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