Brian Mashburn

March 22, 2020

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What We Need Right Now

These are strange times, are they not?

It is strange when love demands that you isolate yourself from people, rather than get together with them.

It is strange when every person you meet is potentially dangerous to you and others.

It is strange when you are potentially dangerous to others without knowing it or intending to be.

As the world takes note of and mobilizes against our common enemy called COVID-19, and we deal with its intrusion into our normal rhythms, choices, and practices, there are people who are affected (to varying degrees) in the areas of lifestyle, emotional response, and finances.

Among all of the various things that people need during this strange time, there is one thing that I believe everyone has need of...

We need more of God.

Personal peace. Comfort in times of trouble. Intimate connection in loneliness. Healing of the soul. Calm in the storm. Light in the darkness. Unassailable hope - even if, perish the thought, death itself is in view.

These are, and have always been, what God is about. It is easy to ignore our need for Him when we drown these needs in busyness, or take them for granted. But in strange times like these, our need for Him - and for more of Him - rushes to the surface.

If you are able, there is an app called "One Minute Pause" put out by Ransomed Heart Ministries that can help you stay connected to, and get more of, God. It helps me.

Let us reach out for God, friends, and then from a posture of fullness - and oneness with Him - reach out for each other and our community.

Our whole church staff stands ready to help you.

Brian Mashburn

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