Brian Mashburn

January 5, 2020

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Welcome to the New Year, and welcome to the beginning of a year long effort that we are embarking on as a church family.

For the duration of the year 2020, we are encouraging and challenging each other to take a journey together getting to know the story of God.

Specifically, we want you to get to know the Bible - the most popular book in the history of the human race - and the story that it tells. So, we have put together what we are calling the 2020 Bible Project.

This project has two elements to it: Reading and video.

The videos are short, easy to watch, and do a great job educating you about the Bible. Each one is short, illustrated, and easy to follow.

The readings our found in the Bible. We will not read the entire Bible this year, but we will read enough to follow the major themes of the story of God through history.

Would you consider joining us? Here are some of the perks:

You will "know enough". I can not tell you how many people tell me that they feel like they just do not know enough about the Bible. Many of them do, but they do not feel like it. After this year, you will feel like it.

You will "know more". One of the incredible things about the Bible is that it is a treasure chest of insights, old and new. Did you know you can read the same text each year of your life and find something new from God?

You may very well get lost. A strange thing to say, perhaps, but all I mean to say is that they way you get to know the Bible is by getting into the Bible. And once in, it is very easy to get lost in the thoughts it provokes, and the news it proclaims.

You may very well get found. Maybe another strange thing to say, but if indeed the story of God resides in the Bible, then it stands to reason that you may find yourself within it. We are all living a story, most of us very unsatisfying, dull, sad, or angry stories. Not only do we need a better story, but we also want a true one! Which leads me to this...

You will get to know Jesus. While the Bible is the most published, most popular book in human history, the reason for that is because the Bible is about the most profound, impactful, and glorious Person in human history. You know those people in your life that you meet and the encounter or relationship changes everything?

Well, no one will do that more than Jesus. He affects everything, for everyone, in all times, even reaching beyond the grave into eternity.

Brian Mashburn

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