Christ Is Risen Indeed

Brian Mashburn

April 21, 2019

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Christ Is Risen Indeed

Did you know there are whole communities of people "out there" who believe that certain historical events - events that are generally accepted as fact - did not really happen?

For example, there are those who claim the holocaust never happened. This past week, there was a speaker over at Amarillo College who survived it, and spoke about it. But there are still those who claim it never happened.

The moon landing is another one. There are those who are skeptical, choosing to believe instead that it was just one big, grand hoax.

For a while, there after the death of Elvis, there were tons of "Elvis sightings," which promoted the idea that he was still alive, and that his death was fake.

Despite the testimony of witnesses, the circumstantial evidence, and so much more, historical events are still sometimes challenged.

However, out of all of the "events" in history, there is one that stands out as the most significant, and the most attacked.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This is what we celebrate on Easter Sunday. Our belief in the actual, historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus.

Even in the first years after his resurrection, when witnesses were plentiful and uncompromising in their testimony, even when suffering was threatened, there were attacks on the idea that Jesus rose from the grave.

Why does this matter so much? Today we remember and we celebrate the power that is contained in the claim that Jesus Christ is risen from the dead.

Brian Mashburn

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