Dropping Our Barriers

Brian Mashburn

February 10, 2019

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The Great Inclusion

"What stands between you and God?"

That is a question that has served me well all of my life. It has always been, and still is, relevant. The answer has often been painful, sometimes shameful, always confronting, and most importantly... useful.

When I answer this question honestly, it lights the way for me to know how to take another step towards the most glorious thing I have ever encountered in my life: God Himself.

"What stands between you and people?"

This question has served me well, too. Actually, it has become one of the priorities of my life. When I interact with anyone (and that includes you, if I am ever blessed to interact with you), I long for there to be nothing that hinders a healthy relationship.

"What stands between you and certain people?"

This is the question we are dealing with in this series. This question forces us to think of those people towards whom we are not inclined, and that is saying it nicely.

We are in the second of a 2-week look at a man named Simon Peter, who Jesus had chosen to champion the inclusion of "certain" people in Christ's church. A group that he had significant barriers to overcome if he was going to be faithful.

We all have barriers that keep us from engaging "certain" people who are beyond our normal people ("us"), and beyond our normal spaces ("here"). As God calls us, through our leadership, to include in the church certain people groups, let us be brave by confronting and overcoming our barriers. And like Peter, aligning ourselves a little bit more with Jesus.

Brian Mashburn

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