God's Vision For You

Brian Mashburn

January 6, 2019

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God's Vison For You

More of God makes you more of God's.

If you will do what we talked about as we ended 2018 - that is, the initiation of practices that allow you to experience "more of God" - you will find yourself changing. You can bank on this. No one meets God and leaves the same.

A dramatic Biblical illustration of this comes in the life of Moses. As the story goes, when he would meet with God, he would return to the people and his face would be shining. The implication is that experiencing God makes an impact. It is real. It is noticeable. It is impactful.

What is the impact, you might ask? What is the "shine" that comes upon a person who experiences more of God?

I repeat: more of God makes you more of God's.

See, the more you are exposed TO Him, the more you become LIKE Him. And the more you become LIKE Him, the more aligned you are WITH Him.

Alignment with God is your destiny. Not to mention that it is the best possible life, and the fulfillment of your deepest needs and desires.

God has a vision. For the universe, yes. For the whole world, yes. It is that large. But it is not so large that it neglects to get to us personally. He has a bite-sized vision for us, as a church, that serves His larger one.

And, more to the point of today, He has a vision for you. And He wants you to know it, to have it, and follow it as a blessed result of knowing, having, and following Him.

Brian Mashburn

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