The Priority of Baptism

Brian Mashburn

April 21, 2013

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Big Picture Jesus

One brother wrote to me this week, "Baptism is this simple, beautiful surrender and personal 'reenactment' of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. It should be a celebration of our rebirth."


The priority of baptism in the ministry of Jesus was present, but it was not the major theme. The same with Paul and all other ministers in the New Testament.

Jesus is after people's hearts, souls, and minds. He wants the full weight of people's strength to be leveraged behind what he says is most important: that is, love for God and love for people. The call is not to baptism, the call is to Jesus.

Are you calling people to follow Jesus? Are you relationally engaged with folks who don't love God and love others as the major theme of their lives, and sharing with them the worthiness and sacrifice of Jesus? If you are, chances are good that you will get to baptize some folks, because you are working the major theme, the Gospel message, contained in baptism, but about baptism.

Jesus didn't die for baptism. He died for people. And when people you tell that good news to receive it, baptize them as the beautiful surrender that it is.

Leave it at that, and you will be making the priority of baptism the servant of the Kingdom it is meant to be.

Brian Mashburn

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