The Power of Baptism

Brian Mashburn

April 7, 2013

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Be Baptized

The stage was set.

The extraordinary character, Jesus, called by some the Christ, had lived, and then been killed by the influential Jews and the Romans. Whoever he was, and whatever was trying to happen, was over. Even his closest allies agreed. Everyone was going home and life was destined to return to normal.

But then, Jesus rose. He started showing up, showing himself to people, and what for a moment felt like crushed momentum was instantly transformed into an unstoppable movement. The message that Jesus carried all along was now being carried for him, from person to person, community to community, city to city, nation to nation with stunning effects. The message was an invitation from God Himself to everyone in the world. You can be forgiven. You can be saved from your sins, your past, and even your future death. And you can join the family of God and live life as a member of His son's Kingdom, and what's more, the very Spirit of that Son would take up residence in your body and enliven your life with God's life.

It's been happening from that day to this one.

There is a powerful rite of passage that those who accept the invitation each submit to. Their King submitted to it, and those who enter his Kingdom submit to it, too.

They are baptized. Today we examine the power of baptism.

Brian Mashburn

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