Adult Class Schedule


Fall 2020 Virtual Classes

The Color of Compromise

Quayne & Ashly Baccas and Jerry & Teri Morgan
The Color of Compromise: This Zoom Class will be based upon Jemar Tisby's excellent book, The Color of Compromise, and will access the video series of the same name from in which Jemar explores the historical reality of the American church's complicity in racism and how people of faith today can contribute to racial justice and equality and foster a more equitable and inclusive society—especially in our churches. We will meet via Zoom on Wed. evenings at 7:00 beginning Sept. 2 and ending Nov. 18.

2020 Bible Project

Ryan Porche
Our journey through the Bible this year has been so rich! And we’re finally making it to the New Testament—now we get to watch how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus unfold and change everything! Join Ryan Porche via Zoom on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 as we discuss the previous week’s reading through the lenses of love, story, and wisdom. This class will begin Sept. 20.

Marriage Strong

Don & Lashauna Morris
Marriage Strong is an 8-week series of conversations. It’s designed to equip our marriages for the hard work of staying on
a healthy path. This experience is thoughtful, convicting, empowering, hopeful, and highly practical! If your marriage is
ready for a health boost, we cannot recommend Marriage Strong enough! We will meet via Zoom on Sunday evenings at 7:00 beginning Sept. 20.

Women of the Word (by Jen Wilkin)

Melissa Shaver
We all know it’s important to study God’s Word, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. What’s more, a lack of time, emotionally driven approaches, and past frustrations can erode our resolve to keep growing in our knowledge of Scripture. How can we, as Christian women, keep our focus and sustain our passion when reading the Bible? Offering a clear and concise plan to help women go deeper in their study of Scripture, this book will equip you to engage God’s Word in a way that trains your mind and transforms your heart. This class will meet via Zoom on Wed. evenings at 8:00, Sept. 9-Nov. 18.

Get Out of Your Head (by Jennie Allen)

Melissa Shaver & Carrie Mashburn
Are your thoughts holding you captive? Jennie Allen knows what it’s like to swirl in a spiral of destructive thoughts, such as: “I’ll never be good enough, other people have better lives than I do, and God couldn’t really love me.” But Jennie also knows we don’t have to stay stuck in toxic thinking patterns. God built a way for us to escape that downward spiral. Freedom comes when we refuse to be victims to our thoughts and realize we have already been equipped with power from God to fight and win the war for our minds. Based on Philippians, Jennie inspires and equips us to transform our emotions, our outlook, and even our circumstances by taking control of our thoughts. When we submit our minds to Christ, the promises and goodness of God flood our lives in remarkable ways. It starts in your head. And from there, the possibilities are endless. We will meet via Zoom on Sundays at 7:00pm beginning Sept. 13. It will finish Oct 25.

Watch a preview here.

Disciple-Making Movement Training

Missions Resource Network
Missions Resource Network is a global missions organization that prioritizes making disciples who will then make disciples. This Fall, they are hosting a virtual training experience designed to build your confidence and competence for making disciples. It is interactive, encourages a healthy prayer life, and provides tools for leading others to discover Jesus. We will meet via Zoom for three Thurs., Sept. 10-24. The cost is $50 for an individual and $75 for a couple.

Women of Character

Sue Wells
This 6-week study about women in the Bible will explore how their lives affect our lives today and what we can learn from them. We will be looking at Eve, Rahab, Esther, and more! The study book can be purchased on Amazon for $10. We will meet via Zoom on Wed. evenings at 7:00. Our first class will begin Sept. 9.

Rise Class

Jeromy Hunter
The RISE Ministry offering for the Fall will be a Bible study on faith, hope, and the future. It will run for 5 weeks and will meet via Zoom at 9:00am on Sundays. The first class will be Sept. 13.

New Prayer Team Initiative

Kyle Wade, Julie Eldridge, Elise Hairston, and Laura Porterfield
We live in crazy times and, of course, there are all sorts of opinions out there as to why. We want to blame someone. We want there to be a reason for why the world doesn’t look the way we think it should. We want answers on how to fix it. Still, should we be surprised that hard things are all around us? “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). There is darkness in this world but in Him we may have peace. As followers of Jesus we have Him. Prayer is about relationship. It is about knowing God and trusting God in the midst of our world, not simply asking him to change it. This fall, we would like to create a team of Christians that want to learn how to pray, how to be with God and how to surrender our hearts to what our Father is doing. Ultimately, we want more of God. Beginning in September this team will begin exploring prayer together. Men and women will study together, engage ideas together and pray with one another. We are inviting anyone who wants to be a part to join us to pray for each other, the SW body, and the world around us. We will meet at the building on the first Sunday of each month in the afternoon from 3:30-5:30 to study and pray. The remaining Sundays we will meet before services at 9:00 to simply pray. If you are interested, register online, call us, or come check us out.