Adult Class Schedule


Sundays - 9:30AM

MARCH 28 - MAY 23, 2021 Classes

RISE Class

Jeromy Hunter
Room A2
RISE stands for Recovery Intersecting Spiritual Experience. This semester, we will continue our conversations about following Jesus and living out our faith authentically. All are welcome - even if this Spring is your first time to attend a class - we’d love to have you!

The Bible Speaks About Heaven

Brent Adams
Library - 701
Heaven is a major theme in Scripture! Our enemy is Satan. He, and all evil will be destroyed by our Savior, Jesus! Believers in Jesus will be alive and with our Creator forever in heaven! But... what will that be like? Where is heaven? Who will you be and who will I be? Will this be like a dream, or will it be real life? What will we do there? Do you have questions, too? You are invited to this exciting study!

Women’s Class: Before Amen, by Max Lucado

Tricia Trimble
Room 503
We all pray... at least a little. We pray a lot more when things get tough! But prayer is far more than a last ditch plea. Prayer is one of the most important spiritual practices for the health and development of our faith. Whether you’ve been praying for 6 decades or 6 days, in this women’s class we will support each other as we all grow in our practice of prayer.

The Gospel in Life, by Tim Keller

Joe Walter & Justin Thompson
Hali Project Room - 401
We live in tension—we’ve been welcomed into the Kingdom of God, but His Kingdom isn’t fully known or recognized on earth…yet. So what does it look like for us to live out our faith in relevant ways? This series by Tim Keller looks at how the good news of Jesus changes our hearts, changes our communities, and changes how we live in the world.

The Gospel of John

Ryan Porche
This class will be a deep dive through the Story of Jesus according to John. John’s gospel is artistic and cosmic - its pages are rich with meaning. He writes it so his readers will choose to believe Jesus is the Messiah, and so they can find life in Jesus’ name (John 21:31). Please join us as we review how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus changes everything. This study will continue through the summer months as well.

This class will be live streamed via Zoom. Contact Ryan ( to enroll for the live stream.



MARCH 24 - MAY 26, 2021 Classes

Celebrate Recovery

Jeromy & Jamie Hunter
6:30pm - Room A-2
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain, or addiction of any kind. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our lives.

Zacchaeus’ Place

Brad & Karen Thompson
7:00pm - Hali Project Room
Designed for developmentally delayed adults, Zacchaeus’ Place is our Wednesday night gathering where each week we have a Bible lesson, we sing happy birthday to anyone celebrating, and we have a prayer time that is second to none at Southwest. These days, we’re meeting at Snack Pak to serve together in the fight against hunger. If you’d like to experience the joy found in this class along with making some new friends, we would love to have you join us!