VBS 2021

Children's Ministry

June 27-30, 2021

Southwest welcomes all kids ages three to those entering 4th grade this fall to the official Torchbearer Training Camp.  Look around.  The Flags are waving, the national anthems are playing, the world is coming together on one stage.  VBS 2021 is headed to the Olympics and we’re excited for you to join the team!
As the nations come together for the goal of winning gold, here in the Torchbearer Training Camp, children will be challenged to carry the torch of the gospel to the nations in fulfillment of Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19.  They will hear, sing, and be challenged by the good news as they are prepared to go out as Torchbearers.
During Torchbearers VBS, children will follow the path of one of the first torchbearers, Paul, and see what it takes to take the gospel global.  From conversation to jail to shipwreck and the preaching in between, torchbearers will train alongside Paul, learning gospel truth.
Join us from Sunday, June 27th through Wednesday, June 30th, 6:30 – 8:15 pm at Southwest Church of Christ, 4515 Cornell St. 

To be a part of the official Torchbearer Training Camp, please register below.


Sunday, June 27

6:30pm-8:15pm – Paul’s Basket Case Adventure - Acts 9:20-31

Monday, June 28

6:30pm-8:15pm – Jailhouse Rock – Acts 16: 16-31

Tuesday, June 29

6:30pm-8:15pm – The One True God – Acts 17: 16-34

Wednesday, June 30

6:30-8:15pm – Shipwrecked – Acts 27:13 – 28:10

Children's Ministry