Starting Point

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This half day gathering is taught by our Teaching Minister, Brian Mashburn, and is made up of 4-sessions (and a lunch) designed to orient you about who Southwest is, how Southwest goes about being a community of Christ, and where you can begin finding your place among us.

We will cover the subjects below, introduce our leadership to you, and answer questions that you may have. And we love providing a fun childcare environment for your kids.

We always do the class on Sundays. We begin at 9:30am, then we go worship with the rest of the Southwest family before meeting back for a tasty meal together, followed by the rest of the interactive sessions, and finishing at 2:30.

Session 1: Our Mission and Vision

Making disciples of Jesus through relationships

Session 2: Our Target and Guide

It is all about Jesus and becoming like him

Session 3: Our Environments

Co-creating with God a transforming atmosphere

Session 4: Your Starting Point

How to begin a spiritual friendship with us

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About Us