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What is available to you through RightNow Training may be one of our church's best kept secrets. There are two things that you get when you sign up:

  • For Small Group Leaders and Members, you can receive short, concise, quality (and sometimes interactive) small group training right in your email Inbox that you can go through on your own time, when you have the time.
  • For everyone, you have access to some of the best video teachings and resources (that may go for $30-$100 at the local Christian bookstore) for FREE. These video teachings can be used for your personal spiritual growth, or be piped in directly to your living room for your whole small group to use.

Sign up and you will get an exclusive invitation to join. Then start exploring the site to see just how rich this resource is.

If you would like to receive access to the RightNow resources, fill out and submit the following form to receive your invitation in e-mail.