Small Groups

Small Group Events

As always, feel free to contact Ryan Porche should you have any questions or concerns. Send Ryan an email or call him at the church office at 806-352-5647.

Our next Small Group events will be in August. Ryan will host Small Group Leader Training on Sunday, August 4 and on Sunday, August 18. Leader Training is for anyone who is interested in becoming a Small Group Leader, and it’s also available for existing leaders who are in need of a review. Both of these events are the same, so you need only participate in one or the other. This event is designed to be highly practical by providing ideas and resources for Leaders to facilitate a healthy group. Leaders and co-leaders are encouraged to attend together.

Leader Training begins at 9:30am in Room 601. We break for the worship gathering at 10:30. After the gathering, a free lunch is provided for all trainees and their families. After lunch, we continue the training until 3:30pm. Free childcare is available after lunch. Registration will be available here starting in July.

On August 25, we will have our next Quarterly Leader Luncheon. These luncheons are for all current and potential Small Group Leaders.  Lunch is provided for leaders and their families for free. After we eat, we have about 15 minutes of training, then we spend time sharing at our tables. Free childcare is also provided after lunch. The Luncheon begins at 12:00pm and finishes no later than 2:00. Registration will be available here starting in August.