Adult Class Schedule

Summer 2018 - Sunday Mornings

June - August

Love First


Stan McKeever

701 Library

Galatians: An In-Depth Look At The Gospel And How It Applies To Our Lives
30's & 40's


Jordan Robison

703 Parlor

Various Subjects

40's & 50's


Greg Ogburn
Ryan Porche
Brian Moore
Jeff Pugh


The Book of Daniel – Living Well in a Post-Christian World

20's & 30's

Like Daniel and his three friends, we increasingly live as a minority in a world that does not share our faith and may, in fact, oppose our faith. We will explore the Spirit-driven wisdom so critical to Daniel to live well in this kind of environment. Join us as we re-engage with these amazing stories of faithfulness and apply them to living well as a follower of Christ in a post-Christian world.

Jerry Morgan
Doyle Corder
Brad Thompson


Sonrise Cafe

If you’re looking for a relaxed, engaging atmosphere and for the chance to hear a variety of speakers talk about practical, every day ways to engage your faith, look no further than SonRise Café. SonRise Café emphasizes time for fellowship and is designed for anyone who wants to join together to hold each other accountable as we look to the Son for answers.




What do we do with grace? Receiving grace is about the only thing one can do with it!  Religion is defined as “the organized attempt to ‘get it all together for God’”. It is time to see Hebrews in its true light and pray to have God shine on us.

Brent Adams

Steve Duncan



Summer 2018 - Wednesday Evening

June - August

Summer Series

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701 Library

Zacchaeus’ Place

Designed for developmentally delayed adults, Zacchaeus’ Place is our Wednesday night gathering where each week we have a Bible lesson, we sing happy birthday to anyone celebrating, and we have a prayer time that is second to none at Southwest. If you’d like to experience the joy found in this class along with making some new friends, we would love to have you join us.

Brad & Karen Thompson